Saturday, July 14, 2007


WE see a change occurring in our economy, lets face it, our coutry has been economically disabled. A new economic age is beginning, and age of poverty, and dropping living standards, becoming the standards of a third world nation.

The south and West are becoming a new third world nation, with a third world economy for the majority of its populations.

You have seen the shift, defense plants close, walmarts open. Automotive plants move over borders, as malls take thier place. A pure consumption society is birthed.

Storage shed companies, like budget and uhaul grow by leaps and bonds, because people are in a constant stae of nomadic movement trying to find the income thay had before.

USED carlots, skip tracers, collection companies, are the growing industries.

BaNkruptcy lawyers remind you that its still possible to belly up its just a little harder.

Government grows new ways to fleece the average citizen, speeding tickets, insurence tickets,
emissions violations, seat belt violations, drug violations, alcohol violations even when technology exists to end drunk driving, it would end a garrunteed income stream for city and state manicipalities, not to mention the constant invasion of privacy by a police state that rivals the KGB of Soviet Russia.

Credit repair companies to create your ability to get a fair interest rate on a car or home loan, a resonable insurance rate on anything, a deposit or not on your utilites of gas, water and power.

Ninty nine cent and dollar stores for the people who work 2 jobs, 1 at walmart, and cannot afford to shop at walmart, a dollar store has become a necessity,
then the logical step for poverty ridden culture is a healthy supply of
Rent a centers who charge mobster like interest rates on third rate products, and repo the stuff on a whim. All allowed in a contract only a law professor could explain, that writes away your own constitutional rights against search and siezure.

Payday loan centers who help you get futher in debt by creating a loan which 20 years ago would have been illigal, and one where people pay hundreds of dollars over months to borrow 200-300 hundred for a bill or a need. Or they take the only asset some poor have, thier automobile, and leverge that, to create an income that rivals only the drug dealer who gives that fix, and takes daily payments for the feelgood.

Then we see 12 million central american peoples, many Mexican Nationals enter this workfoce at will, even our President says they are doing jobs Americans dont want to do. Like the Jobs that are being created the most, Mcdonalds, Walmart, The Gas Station attendent, The maid or servent in a wealty american home, the security gaurd at the mall????

What jobs do americans want to have.....hmmmmmmmmmmm....lets see.

A job with a living wage, not a wage where dad has 2 jobs, mom has 2 jobs, and the bills are still not getting paid. Woops, people you need to lower your standards, you dont need a car.
A job with purpose and longievity, not a servent job. They are nice entry llevel jobs, not careers, that will fuel families.

Bush says they come from central america to do the jobs americans dont want to do.....
like drug dealer, pimp, whore, drugland enforcer, drug runner, mule,

all results of a massive invasion of forign nationals, drug cartells are setting up in apartment communities throughout the land, feeding poisons to all who do, and destroying all that oppose them. Thanks Mr. Bush.

By the way, why must you break the law reading e-mails and telphone calls of americans, tell us its for national security reasons, to find the terrorists, but in the same breath.....tell us not to be concerned with 12 million mexican nationals.

Mr Kennedy, you ask " What is the solution? We now know what everyone contrary to the immagration bill is against....What are they for.

Well...Sir...Im for picking about 3 million mexican nationals, and putting them on rail, ship and aircraft to the shores and borders of Massachusits, and see how you Libriel Eliets treat these fair people who simply want to do the jobs Mass. citizens dont want to do.
Lets get together and pass that bill...will ya.

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