Sunday, July 22, 2007


What does the President and his staff want us to believe, that they will be able to stop the car bombings inside Iraq, like the Israelis have in Israel. If the extremists feel its time for a car bomb, a car bombing is going to happen. Now, Israel with all her might, a military probably a strong third to anyone on the Planet, and Maybe #1 in their area of home port operations, cannot stop car bombing, and have not for over 20 years, but America is expected to do it in a larger country, with more cities, more of a population, with a global terrorist operation sending fresh recruits and trainees into the area because some moron has put our US Army on the ground in their backyard.

But the surge will do it.

This is not about the US MILITARY winning or losing, they win every event they are thrust into, this is about a group of civilians (the presidential staff and Haliburton) losing the peace, by doing the blatantly obvious, rape this country of oil, keeping soldiers and contractors in harms way to protect the profits, not the country.

My American Army deserves better leadership.

My American Air Force deserves better decision making.

My Marines are trained to take that beach, city, country.....any hill. Not police a people.

Our US NAVY, the most powerful military force on the face of the planet, the 1 and only
infra structure, that makes a global economy a viability, does not need to be jerked off by morons who play war and let the real battles go un done. Our Navy should level IRAN, and let their people pick up the pieces their leadership has torn them into.

Western military hardware and tactics have not saved 1 Israeli citizen from PLO or Hezbollah
car bombs in 20+ years, and AMERICAN MILITARY FORCE WILL NOT, only destroying the will to fight will stop these people, destroy all leadership, food stocks, water supplies, religious shrines to run to, gasoline manufacturing and refining ( 1 in country), anything else is simply playing with our boys and girls American lives.


Anyone in power needs to remember the lessons of history, those Nazis in control, of the local party headquarters or down to the schoolyard look out, got away with crimes against humanity by saying "I'm just doing my job."

The German Leadership still faced harsh prosecution, as the " I'M JUST DOING MY JOB"
echoed through the courts and the holding cells.

American Military Power should by removed from Baghdad, British from Basra, and Placed in Strategic Areas of IRAQ, create American cities to support the permanent basing rights we will require for our trouble over a 15+ year stint.

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